Reach over 3,000 users a week through TitlePage advertising. 

TitlePage is the Australian book industry's supply chain service. It’s used daily by over 1,800 bookshop owners and booksellers, as well as suppliers and library users, with users spending on average 14 minutes per day on the site.

Purchasing a TitlePage banner ad will see your title or campaign promoted to a key audience of book professionals, who are influencing and interacting with prospective readers on a daily basis.

Advertising on TitlePage offers up to 30,000 banner views a day, rising to over 40,000 in October through to December.

TitlePage displays up to three banners, randomly rotating between banners every two minutes, or on each new page view. This updated functionality increases attention to the advertising spot, catching the eyes of TitlePage users and preventing an advert from becoming part of the background.


We offer competitive pricing for advertisements across TitlePage, especially for members.

Rates for a banner ad across the TitlePage site:

  • Full Members (40% discount): $300.00
  • Associate Members (15% discount): $425.00
  • Non APA members: $500.00

Placements are for one week only, and run from Thursday to Wednesday. Some limits on consecutive bookings may apply during busy periods.

More information on availability and advertising reach can be found via the calendar below.

Availability calendar

Details of availability can be found in the calendar below, which is updated as bookings are accepted.

Bookings and further information

Email your bookings and enquiries to [email protected]

Advertising specs

  • Dimensions: Width 938 pixels; Height 150 pixels
  • File Formats: JPGs and GIFs only
  • Max File Size: 200KB
  • Recommended GIF length: 20 seconds
  • Colour Setting: RGB

Please also provide a URL for the click-through. Any titles represented must be listed on TitlePage.

What happens following a booking request? 

  1. The dates in question are marked as tentative and any unavailable dates will be negotiated with the requester
  2. An invoice will be issued and two weeks will be allowed for the invoice to be paid
  3. You may put down a request to be on a waiting list for certain dates that may become available