Getting Published

The APA is not a publisher and does not provide feedback or advice about manuscripts.

The following is intended as a general guide to help writers on their path to publication – from finessing their manuscript, to finding a publisher, and distributing their book.

Completing your manuscript

Publishing houses are looking for work that is original, engaging and polished. They are also looking for titles that connect with a target audience or readership, or have a specific market value. 

Before approaching publishers, ensure your manuscript is complete to the highest possible standard. As part of this process, your draft work may require a manuscript appraisal, thorough edit and proofread, or market appraisal.

Finding a publisher

Finding the right publisher for your book requires research, perseverance and skill. 

In a traditional publishing model, publishers take on the full financial risk of bringing a book to market. This requires significant investment and so publishers analyse a submission scrupulously to ensure the title can meet its targets.

Some publishers accept submissions directly from authors (known as ‘unsolicited manuscripts’). Other publishers may only accept manuscript submissions represented by literary agents (known as ‘solicited manuscripts) – so submitting to literary agents may be your first step towards publication.

Before approaching a publisher, be sure to do your research. Past publishing history, organisational values, and target audiences are all key pieces of information in understanding whether a publishing house is the right fit for your manuscript. 

Browse our Member Directory to find information on potential publishers and those accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

When submitting, ensure you follow submission guidelines as outlined by individual publishers.

Self publishing is also an option available to aspiring authors. This is where an author funds their own publication. Publishing services are available to assist self-publishing authors to edit, produce and distribute a title for a fee.

Getting your book out into the world

Distribution is the process of getting your book into the spaces, places and platforms where sales occur – whether that be online book sales channels, or bricks and mortar bookshops.

Distribution options vary. Hard and soft cover print runs, eBooks, audiobooks, and print on demand are all options, with each requiring a different approach to reaching buyers.

If your book is ‘traditionally’ published, distribution will be coordinated by your publisher.

With self-publishing, distribution options may differ.

Resources and reading

As an aspiring writer, there are more resources than ever to support you on your path to publication. Whether you’re looking for manuscript feedback, information on the publishing process, or contract advice, the organisations below provide a range of useful resources and information for both aspiring and established authors.

Writers Centres

Literary Agents
 Manuscript Assessment Services
Self Publishing