Launch of Greener Publishing Guide


The Australian Publishers Association has launched the Greener Publishing Guide as an introduction to current best practice, and to prompt further industry discussion and collaboration on environmental sustainability. 

The new online guide offers best practice information and resources from around the world, helping publishers make informed decisions around sustainable publishing. 

APA President James Kellow, at the association’s AGM, highlighted the importance of sustainability for the industry when launching the guide: 

‘A sustainable future is an urgent priority. Like everyone else, publishers need to reduce their environmental impact and to meet international net zero emissions targets. We know many members are committed to effective climate action, and we are here to support this. 

Launching the Greener Publishing Guide is part of this support, offering ways of tracking and presenting current and emerging best practice. ’

The guide is the first output from the APA’s Sustainability Working Group, which was reconvened in 2021 under the leadership of Kathy Bail (UNSW Press). The Working Group has been charged to develop a plan for the industry and association across five areas:

  1. Making greener books
  2. Building a green supply chain
  3. Embracing green business practices
  4. Promoting environmental content 
  5. Collaborating and setting industry standards and targets

The Greener Publishing Guide uses these five areas to support publishers in rethinking the environmental impact across all areas of their operations, from acquiring and editing books to producing them, promoting them, and getting them into the hands of readers. 

Kathy Bail said of the guide: 

‘It is a very good resource – it provokes thinking about sustainability issues, with useful supporting information and leads to other resources. 

Given the frequent changes in environmental practices, we hope members will both engage with the content and help us improve it, as well as support our ambitions for collaboration to future-proof the industry.’

Find out more by visiting the guide at

If you have suggested additions or changes to the guide please email: [email protected]