TitlePage receives regular product updates and releases to provide performance improvements and bug corrections, as well as the development of new service functionality. Release notes are provided on this page.  Contact [email protected] with any questions.

TitlePage new display

In August 2022 we made our new TitlePage display available to booksellers for the first time, offering a clean and modern view of book data, greatly improving readability.  

We're currently looking for feedback from booksellers on this new display.

Screenshot of a product displayed in the new TitlePage Beta Display

The new product record, based on the comprehensive ONIX 3.0 metadata standard, also takes the ambitious goal to display all information provided by TitlePage Publishers – up to 4000 possible values spread across more than 1000 fields. 

Only a small subset of what is possible has previously been displayed on TitlePage, so Publishers now have the opportunity to greatly enrich the information they make available to TitlePage users, and the users of TitlePage data in their POS and websites. 

What this means for booksellers?

TitlePage Booksellers can now enjoy access to an advance preview of this new TitlePage product display.

This is still a work in progress, so we’re currently working through tweaks and bugs, but it will give you an idea of the new look for TitlePage as it develops. 

How to access the Beta Display

While in active development, the current title view will remain as the default ‘Legacy’ display option until late September, but TitlePage Booksellers can check out the new Beta Display now.

You can choose to view a product record in the Beta Display by choosing this option from top of your screen when viewing a product.  

Animated image showing how to switch between Legacy and Beta displays in TitlePage

To switch back, choose the Legacy Display option from the drop down under the TitlePage logo. 

Provide your feedback

We're looking for feedback from booksellers on the current developments, and priorities for the information provided through the Key Info section.


Example showing the Key Info section of a book, Information is Beautiful, on TitlePage

We also want to know what you like and don't like, as well as any bugs or other suggestions you might have.

Providing your feedback will only take a few moments, and will be taken on board as we continue working on delivering a better TitlePage experience.

If you have any further questions please let us know via [email protected] or via the support widget on TitlePage.

What this means for publishers?

This means Publishers should assess their ONIX feeds and the data they provide to take full advantage of the new TitlePage display. 

This new display is still a work in progress, but it provides Booksellers an idea of the new look for TitlePage as it develops, and we’re actively seeking their feedback through this process – including the extra information they’re most keen to see from Publishers. 

Already we’ve been told this includes: 

  • key supply info (such as stock ETAs, returns conditions, pack sizes, dimensions, safety warnings)
  • more info on authors/contributors (nationality, bio, photos)
  • supporting resources (such as teacher/student notes, age range/audience, book club guides, related products/alternative editions) 
  • key marketing metadata (prizes, reviews, endorsements)

There is a place in ONIX 3.0 for any and all information and resources created by publishers to support and promote their titles – and now, a place on TitlePage as well.

Should you have any questions about the TitlePage developments, get in touch via [email protected].

Past updates

TitlePage Release 2022.3A

Release Notes for Titlepage as of 15th March, 2022

  1. TitlePage banner management.
    Backend improvements in the management of bookable banner advertising resources.

  2. “Last Modified” bug fix.
    The Last Modified date displayed to TitlePage users was incorrectly displaying Central Daylight Time (CDT or GMT-4). This has been corrected to Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEDT or GMT+11), ensuring a more accurate  reflection of publisher data currency.

  3. ONIX Load Report improvements.
    The ONIX load reports received by Publishers have been updated to provide better actionable advice and to indicate where urgent action is required. Previously all file load reports had the same subject line, regardless of whether it contained records with:
  • Errors (indicating TitlePage cannot load a record due to issues in the publisher data);
  • Warnings (indicating incomplete or incorrect publisher data issues where a record can only be partially updated); or no issues at all.

Future TitlePage load reports will indicate in the subject line whether there are Warning (action needed by Publisher) or Errors (urgent action needed by Publisher).

  • TitlePage: Products Failed
    This subject line indicates there is at least one record within the file with Errors - where the record was so incomplete (did not include critical mandatory information) or was too corrupt for the TitlePage loader to process. New records with Errors will not be created, and existing records will not be updated. Urgent action by the Publisher is required.

  • TitlePage: Load Warnings
    This subject line indicates there are records within the file with Warnings.  These records were still loaded but parts of the record (containing the issue) will not be updated on TitlePage. Action by the Publisher is required.

  • TitlePage: “Company Name  
    This subject line indicates there were no issues or errors within the submitted file. No action required - well done!