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ILF wins Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2024

10 Apr 24

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) has won the 2024 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for their ‘innovative work in spreading literature to children among Australia's indigenous people’.

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ABIA 2024 Business Awards shortlists and Hall Of Fame winners

4 Apr 24

The Australian Book Industry Awards recognise excellence and innovation from publishing teams, creators and booksellers across the industry.

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Book Awards shortlists announced for ABIA 2024

21 Mar 24

The Australian Book Industry Awards recognise excellence and innovation from the teams and individuals across the industry who get books into the hands of readers.

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Open Book applications open for 2024

23 Feb 24

Applications for the 2024 Open Book: Australian Publishing Internship are now open.

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APA launches Diversity and Inclusion Plan

31 Jan 24

The Australian Publishers Association has launched a Diversity and Inclusion Plan to guide and support industry progress over the next two years.

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Vale publisher Frank Thompson AO

16 Jan 24

Esteemed publisher Frank Thompson passed away in January 2024, and former UQP colleague Craig Munro shares insights and reflections on a remarkable career.

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Editors selected for REP 2024

19 Dec 23

Fifteen editors from across Australia have been selected for the APA’s Residential Editorial Program in 2024.

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Melbourne hosts ABIA 2024 with nominations now open

6 Dec 23

The Australian Book Industry Awards will be held in Melbourne on Thursday 9 May 2024, with nominations now open.

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Cross-country collaboration helps small publishers grow

5 Dec 23

Discover how two past ABIA small publisher of the year winners – Melbourne’s Affirm Press and Broome’s Magabala Books – came together to share knowledge and grow.

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Open Book insights from mentor Camha Pham

30 Nov 23

Following the completion of the 2023 Open Book: Australian Publishing Internship, we spoke with mentor Camha Pham to understand her role in the program.

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